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As company with experienced Ships Masters, Marine Surveyors, and Marine Auditors we understand the Flag State Class and Client requirements and the complexities of those regulations and requirements that impact on our customers and clients. Most of our work is undertaken on a fixed price basis or an agreed day rate. Services Link

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The Maritime Bookshop is the companies online store supplying Nautical and Chart work Instruments to both Corporate Government and individual clients across the world. All our chart work instruments are of high quality made in the United Kingdom We provide fast insured delivery to across the globe. Maritime Bookshop Link

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Captain Peter Corbett AFNI CEO and senior Consultant at CPCL
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We are a small marine consultancy business with key expertise in Offshore Near-shore maritime industry. Offshore and Marine Resources was first started in 2004 by Captain Peter Corbett AFNI, an experienced Ships Master and Marine Consultant and Auditor. In 2014 the company became Captain Peter Corbett Limited by Incorporation. Company Number 08412718. We and our associate surveyors, auditors and assessors begin the process by listening in depth to our clients and ensuring that we understand the issues and the tasks to be undertaken. Each assignment is analysed in depth. The Company strives to tailor solutions to each customer or client and select the team or individual member with the specialist or technical knowledge to meet or exceed the strategic aims and objectives of the assignment.



Captain Peter Corbett Limited

Captain Peter Corbett AFNI. Ships Master. Auditor. Senior Dynamic Positioning Officer..
Captain Peter Corbett LimitedCaptain Peter Corbett Limited provides professional offshore and marine consultancy services. Captain Peter Corbett AFNI has extensive experience over a period of more than 40 years of sea going service including 27 years as a serving master across a wide range of offshore activities as well as consultancy and audit appointments as well as a wide range of offshore and near-shore from simple marine operations to complex offshore construction and sub sea projects across wide geographical area including West Africa, Arabian Gulf, North Sea. Asia and Australia. Captain Peter Corbett is an experienced Senior Dynamic Positioning Officer who presently engaged as an independent consultant to carry out accreditation technical audits on Dynamic Positioning Simulation training centres

Captain Peter Corbett Limited

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  • ISM. ISPS. D.P Audit.
  • Nautical equipment sourcing and supply.

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